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Scattered Nexus is a battle-style card game based on a growing list of indie comics. This game is a passion project and a celebration of indie comics and indie game designers. Each featured comic is a real-world comic that you can go read right now if you want to. The game itself is an expandable card game, meaning you only need one copy of the game for two players to play. However, you can always buy more to add to your collection and add more options to the game. 

We are excited to announce that, in our efforts to continue providing marketing and promotions for the Independent comic community we will be partnering with Scattered Nexus to expand on their Indie Comic Card Game!  What makes us what to get involved? Eli Beard the creator of Scattered Nexus has put his passion into creating, and expanding the game to help showcase our creations to the world in a different light, and we want to help spread the word worldwide.


Nerdanatix LLC will be creating a new branded box as an Imprint within Scattered Nexus and will be looking for 4 creators to be included in the featured box. These creators will be the first of many to have their characters included in the two-player battle-style card game based on indie comics.



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