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Nerdanatix LLC Submissions Policy

Nerdanatix LLC accepts just about all submissions to join our site. Our goal is to provide creators with a website that promotes their individuality while giving them a space to see creators of similar mindsets. We do not contract creators; we’re only interested in promoting and providing marketing to creators with completed stories. There is no fee for joining Nerdanatix nor, do we take any percentages from any sales made on your site for your content. All purchases are redirected to your site, for anyone looking to support you. While we have an open-door policy, we still reserve the right to not post or market your content based on any material we find harmful or unsettling. 

If you are signed with a publisher and they own any rights or creative control over your story, they must contact us for acceptance. We will not be held responsible for anything that goes against their wants by you submitting against their knowledge.


  1. A high-quality 300dpi picture of the cover.

  2. A typed synopsis of less than five paragraphs of the overall story arc or individual issue. If you plan on having a series on our site, a synopsis of each issue would be better for our audience.

  3. Two genres that the story falls under, a primary and a secondary genre.

  4. The name of the creator of the comic, and a link to where our audience can buy or support you and your story.

  5. A minimum 1 page preview of the book. Creators are free to have as many pages as they like as a preview, please be aware that comics with lesser pages do not receive as much marketing with comics with more pages or full issues.

  6. Age rating of the comic. It is important for our readers to have an idea of the age that is recommended before diving straight into reading.

Submit all files to

Nerdanatix LLC does not own any work that is submitted, we work with hundreds of creators and can assure you that your property will remain yours.

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